Sail to Your Holiday Destination with Ferries to Spain from England

If you think about spending your summer holiday in Spain this year, you will need to consider the cheapest options to get there. Many people choose to book flights to get to their destination, but there is an even better way to do it. With ferries to Spain from England, you can get to your holiday destination safe and without hassle. This is a very good way of avoiding the check-in procedures at the airport as wellas worries regarding luggage limit.

With brittany-ferries.co.uk you can book your trip to Spain from Portsmouth or Plymouth. You can choose Spanish ports including Santander and Bilbao and you are free to mix and match your routes in order to be suitable for your holiday schedule. For instance, a cruise on the popular route Portsmouth-Santander takes 24 hours and it will take you right to the gateway into Spain, Santander, from where you can depart for Barcelona, Madrid and other holiday destinations. The ferry departs twice a week on this route from July to October and prices begin at £ 194 per person (based on a standard car plus two occupants).

If you need even more flexibility for your trip, you can use directferries.co.uk, where you can compare ferries to Spain from England with Europe’s leading ferry companies. You can also make your bookings online according to the comprehensive timetables available on this website, according to the route of your preference. This way, you’ll sail to Spain in no time!

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