Cheap ferries to Spain from the UK

There are not many companies which run or have run ferries to Spain from the UK - indeed, the only company currently operating any journeys of this kind of Brittany Ferries, which runs three ferries to Spain, two from Portsmouth and one from Plymouth. This article forms a guide to what you can expect on these routes in terms of prices, journey times and onboard facilities.

Brittany Ferries to Spain

Since its inception in 1972, Brittany Ferries has developed into the major maritime carrier in operation on the Western Channel, accounting for more than 50% of its traffic. These passenger operations began in 1978, when Brittany Ferries decided to start a service to Santander.

Today, Brittany Ferries is the only company serving ferries to Spain from the UK, although their monopoly doesn't at all mean that this service is limited.

The ships used by Brittany Ferries generally have a high standard of accommodation and facilities including cinemas, pools, sundecks and top quality restaurants - making your travel experience enjoyable in its own right.

Portsmouth to Bilbao

Brittany Ferries operates a twice weekly service to Bilbao from Portsmouth, the first departing at 5pm on Friday and the second at 10pm on Sunday. The Friday service takes just under 24 hours to arrive, while the Sunday service takes 32 hours due to a stop off at Roscoff. Prices vary depending on the season, but generally start from around £220 per person.

Portsmouth to Santander

The original Brittany Ferries service to Spain, travel to Santander occurs twice weekly, at varying dates and times according to the season. The service takes around 24 hours, and costs start at approximately £195 per person.

Plymouth to Santander

The shorts of the ferries to Spain from the UK, this once weekly Brittany Ferries service takes less than 20 hours, generally departing on Sunday afternoons at around 15:30. You can expect the tickets to cost more than £230 per person.

How to Book

Information about all of the ferries to Spain mentioned in this article, and how to make reservations at the cheapest costs - including regular special offers and price saving deals - can be found at the Brittany Ferries website at brittany-ferries.co.uk. For a wider perspective in choosing the cheapest date of travel, take a look at the price comparison website directferries.co.uk.

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