Luxurious Cross Channel Ferries To Roscoff France

Ferries to Roscoff in France

Being home to numbers of megalithic monuments, Calvary sculptures, numerous manors and chateaux, and several old fortified towns as tourist attractions, Brittany is considered one of the top holiday destinations in France. The best way to reach this haven is through luxury sailing with ferries to Roscoff France.

Roscoff, an entry point to Brittany, is located at the western tip of the peninsula. A daily regular ferry crossing service from Plymouth to Roscoff and a once-a-week ferry service from Cork to Roscoff are operated by Brittany Ferries. These luxury cruise ferries offer an array of classy boutiques for those who love to shop, apart from their cozy accommodation.

Indulge in French cuisine teasing your taste buds and a variety of entertainment catered to passengers while onboard. If you are an interested traveler, you may log-in to www.brittany-ferries.co.uk to know more about this ferry service.

For travelers coming from Rosslare, a once-a-week ferry crossing is served by Irish Ferries. To the outmost convenience and enjoyment of its passengers, their vessels have variety of restaurants, cafes and bars. These vessels are also equipped with entertainment zones and TV lounges, as well as cinemas that show current blockbuster films.

So, if you plan to discover the magic of one of France’s most rugged regions, jump start your holiday from the very moment you set foot on these luxury cruise ferries. To view timetables for ferry crossings and look at their amenities and ticket prices, travelers may visit www.directferries.co.uk to find complete information regarding the above-mentioned ferries to Roscoff France.

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