Booking Ferries to Paris

Travel to Paris doesn’t only involve ferry travel, but a train-ride as well. You need to go to Dover by train before riding the Dover-Calais ferry crossing. After which, take another train to Paris. The total travel time takes around nine hours, while the ferry travel itself only takes seventy-five minutes. The long journey is all worth it because it serves as a starter to your main Paris tour. The Eiffel Tower, The Louvre, and the Notre Dame are among the few main attractions in Paris.

In booking for ferries to Paris, you can browse through websites like Ferrycheap.com that search for the best possible price amongst different ferry companies. The most popular ferry companies that travel from UK to France include SeaFrance, PO Ferries, and DFDS Seaways (formerly Norfolkline).

SeaFrance is the only ferry company in France that offers Calais to Dover route. They have summer deals, frequent-traveler discounts, and golf club partnership that give away a free round to play golf. P&O Ferries is one of UK’s largest ferry companies that travel to France, Belgium, Holland, and Spain. They offer the luxury of bargain shopping, dining, and entertainment at their bar and lounge. DFDS Seaways started as a freight ferry company that opened a ferry route from Dover to Dunkerque.

Punctuality, reliability and customer service are important qualities to look for in ferry companies. Also be on the look out for affordable deals and tour packages. Another advantage of ferry travel is that there is no baggage limit; you can even bring your own car. But if you’re in a rush, you can travel via Eurostar trains that can bring you from London to Paris in just 2 and half hours.

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