Need to find out where to book ferries to Le Harve?

Le Havre is one of the most historic cities in France, with a maritime air that evokes a nautical past, striking modern architecture as well as an old world charm. This bustling and welcoming city in Normandy makes for a great city break or a base for country holidays in France. The city can be reached from Portsmouth by ferry, meaning this is a great way to avoid having to travel through congested London or expensive Paris on your way to the rest of France. Here's a look at at ferries to Le Harve.

LD Lines Network currently operate the ferry route from Portsmouth to Le Havre. The company travel twice a day between the two cities, meaning you have a bit of flexibility over when you travel. LD Lines run two kinds of service to the French port, one fast Catamaran service and a slower ferry.

The Catamaran Norman Arrow whisks passengers to Le Harve in 3 hours 15 minutes, a superb option for business travellers or those who need to reach their destination quickly. Small vehicles can also be taken on board. The Catamaran departs at 8:30am and 2L15pm every day.

The vehicle ferry Norman Spirit, however, takes between 5 and a half to 8 hours to reach its destination. This ferry is a good option if you need to bring a large car, caravan or other HGV vehicle with you, and as such many people with onward destinations in France use this service. The Norman Spirit vessel departs in either the early evening and late evening. If you wish to purchase a bedroom and sleep during the channel crossing, it is wiser to book a late evening trip.

Prices for the journey between Portsmouth and Le Havre start at £41.75 per person for a car with two passengers. Trips on the Catamaran start at £68.75 per person for a car with two passengers. If you want to book as a foot passenger, then prices begin at £30 per person. If you would prefer an outside berth for the overnight trip, then prices start from £81 per person.

So if you wish to travel on the ferries to Le Harve from Portsmouth there are plenty of deals out there.

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