Alternatives to Ferries to Jersey from Plymouth

If you are thinking about taking ferries to Jersey from Plymouth, you might already know there is not a direct way. Even if Plymouth has a regular international ferry service provided by Brittany Ferries that operates from Millbay, taking cars and foot passengers directly to France (Roscoff) and Spain (Santander), there is no ferry service that operates to Jersey from Plymouth . However here you'll find the best alternatives for this type of trip. If you do not want to fly, then you can go from Plymouth to Weymouth by land and then to Jersey by sea.

From Plymouth to Weymouth

To go from Plymouth to Weymouth, you should know that the distance between them is 76 miles and it takes about 2 hours and 30 minutes by car. If you want to go by train, you should go to Plymouth railway station, currently operated by First Great Western (you can buy tickets online at firstgreatwestern.co.uk). The journey takes 3 hours and 10 minutes. You will need to change trains in Castle Cary. The cheapest ticket costs £40. Weymouth Harbour is still home for a large fishing fleet, unloading areas, and a cross-channel ferry terminal.

From Weymouth to Jersey

Since Jersey is located in the Channel Islands, the unique blend of British and French influences gets the attention of uncountable tourists which come here to relax and to experience some exhilarating outdoor sports. To go from Weymouth to Jersey, you will have to take a ferry. The ferry operator for this route is Condor Ferries and you can buy tickets online, to get special deals, at condorferries.co.uk. The journey costs £45 per person and lasts 4 hours. Accommodation is compulsory for this particular route. You can choose a standard seat (lower tier), standard seat (upper tier) or a reclining seat. Condor ferries allow you to travel with pets, motorbikes, bicycles, caravans and cars. If you want to travel with your vehicle, to feel free to discover the island by yourself, you will have to make an extra payment, depending on its weight. But if your vehicle exceeds 3.5 tonnes when loaded, then you will not be allowed to board.

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