Cheap ferries to Jersey with Channel Islands

Are you trying to organize a way of travelling to Jersey? Ferries to Jersey Channel Islands could be that way that you are looking for.

Jersey has so many things going for it you would be mad not to get onboard the Channel Islands ferry and experience this beautiful part of the world. With awesome beaches, coastlines and stunning scenery you will not be let down while in Jersey.

When you travel by ferry it is a completely different experience to the aeroplane or coaches and cars, it is a lot more serene and relaxing experience. It might take you that bit longer to get there but for the serenity and relaxation it is definitely worth it.

A question that you might ask yourself is,why book with Channel Island Ferries and not someone else. The answer is because of all the bonuses they have for going with them like free nights, free half board, free children at hotels, free car hire and reduced rates if you book today.

A deal they have on at the minute at Channel Island Ferries for to go to Jersey is £125 per person a night including your travel. You would be staying at the luxurious Ambassadeur Hotel and if you go by ferry you can save up to £50 per couple.

Channel Island Ferries have a great website set up for you to book your ferries to Jersey.Just log on to www.channelislandsdirect.co.uk and get onboard. Alternatively you can also contact them on the phone on 08444 937 095.

So waste no more, book your ferries to Jersey Channel Islands today and come onboard.





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