Enjoy the onboard experience with ferries to the Isle of Wight from Portsmouth

There are two companies providing ferries to the Isle of Wight from Portsmouth, namely Wightlink and Hovertravel. Wightlink run ferries between Portsmouth (on the south coast of England) and Fishbourne and Ryde (on the Isle of Wight). Hovertravel operate the fastest Isle of Wight ferry service between Southsea (in Portsmouth) and Ryde.

Wightlink is one of the UK's biggest domestic ferry operators, running up to 65 crossings a day between Portsmouth and the Isle of Wight. The companies fleet is a mixture of car feries and high-speed catamarans.

The Porstmouth to Fisbourne crossing is approximately 40 minutes and there are 34 sailings daily aboard their car and passenger ferry. Their fastest passenger connection is provided by catamarans between Portsmouth and Ryde Pier Head. There are 29 sailings daily and the crossing takes approximately 22 minutes.

You can browse the companies website to get information on timetables, fares, special offers, accomodation and lots more. You can book online or call them on 0871 376 1000. They have a range of fares and offers to suit all travellers.

The Hovertravel pasenger ferry service takes you directly from Southsea to Ryde in just 10 minutes. There are 24 crossings daily. A return ticket, valid for up to ninety days, wil cost £20 per adult. You can book online and browse for special offers on the companies website.

Ferries to the Isle of Wight from Portsmouth are your link to island life. You can get away for days out or short stays and your holiday starts the moment you step onboard.

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