Ferries to the Isle of White

There are a couple of companies that offer ferries to the Isle of White we decided to do a bit of research and see if we could find you the best deal.

Wightlink are perhaps the most popular carrier between mainland Britain and the island. They carry over 5 million people every year to the island and 1.5 million cars. They offer some fantastic "super saver" deals starting at £35 for a single day return. you can see their full list of rates at www.wightlink.co.uk

Be sure to book your trip to the island well in advance however because the prices get higher the closer you are to your departure date.

Red Funnel ferries have been operating in Great Britain for one hundred and fifty years which is quite a bit of experience they offer a high speed service as well as a regular car ferry.

On foot you can get over to the Isle of White and back for as little as £7.50! If you want to bring your car you will have to pay £45 return however. You can check out their full list of rates at www.redfunnel.co.uk

Red Funnel are definitely the operator to go with if you are on foot but if you are taking a car it will save you a bit of cash to travel with Wightlink.

The Isle of White is a beautiful part of Britain and whatever way you get there you won't want to board the ferry home!

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