Cheap Ferries to France in December

Dover to Calais

The busiest and most popular ferry port for ferries to France in December, as well as the remainder of the year, is between Dover and Calais.

This well-travelled route takes ferry passengers, including their vehicles, across the English Channel with approximate journey times of 90 minutes.

Other Routes

There are several other less commonly used ferry routes that take sea-going passengers from the UK and other countries to the French mainland in December.

UK passengers, for example, can travel from Dover to Dunkirk, which is also in the North of France.

UK ferry travellers looking to sail can also reach the towns of Roscoff and St. Malo, both in the North West of France, from Plymouth.

Finding the Cheapest Fare

There are a great number of price comparison websites that allow you to compare different ferry carriers to find the cheapest possible deal on ferries to France in December.

Simply enter your intended dates of travel in December before specifying the time of day you wish to travel and your desired route to France.

Consider how booking a ferry at an anti-social time of day, such as very late at night or very early in the morning, allows you to make a further saving on your ferry trip to France.

Furthermore, you should think about booking travel on less popular days of the week, so avoid booking a ferry on a December weekend, for example.

Adjust the dates of intended travel to check the price for a few different days, particularly if you are able to be flexible with your travel arrangements.

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