Cheap Ferries to France from UK

Although there are still many very cheap flights to be had between the UK and France, not everyone wants to spend a chunk of their holiday in an airport, going through long queues and unpleasant security checks. For those who are tired of plane travel, one of the best ways to get to the continent is to go by boat. Ferries to France from UK are in great abundance with many popular routes and a high competitive market.

The first thing to do is consider which route you want to take and which one is the most convenient for you. Dover to Calais, Dover to Dunkirk and Newhaven to Dieppe are just some of the many ferry routes available. Various French and British companies provide these routes and prices are often very competetive.

You can compare ferry costs for ferries to France from UK at sites such as directferries.co.uk. You may also be able to find some cheap deals at ferry-to-france.co.uk among other sites as well.

A great way to cut costs if you are taking a car across the Channel is to take as many people with you as possible. Sharing the cost will make it far, far cheaper. If you are going alone or with one other person, the prices often make it not so attractive and it can be considerably cheaper to fly in such cases.

Another alternative way of crossing the channel is to go by train, although it is often extremely expensive, especially if you want to take a car with you.

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