Ferries to France from Dover - all you need to know

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Ferries to France from Dover

Getting the ferry to France is convenient, quick and often cheap. The following are the main companies providing ferries to France from Dover.

P & O Ferries

P & O provide a convenient and flexible way to cross the Strait of Dover. Journey time is only 90 minutes and there are up to 23 crossings in each direction per day. P & O also allow pets to travel on their ferries for a charge of just £18 each way. The ferry takes both foot passengers and vehicles and there is direct motorway access on both sides of the Channel. Prices depend on when you wish to travel but start from around £30 each way.

Norfolk Line

Norfolk Line has cheap ferries across the Channel from Dover to Dunkirk. Tickets start form just £19 each way and are great value at this price. They have thousands of these £19 fares but they are usually found at late departure times. Prices also tend to rise during busy periods. All ferry ships include bars, restaurants, shopping and a first class lounge.

Sea France

Sea France provides cheap ferries between Dover and Calais. The currently have a range of special offers including frequent traveller discounts and cheap day trips. Day trip fares start from just £22 each way. With their midweek saver option, if you travel between Sunday and Thursday or between Monday and Friday Calais-Dover it costs just £35 for a 48 hour return or £45 for a 120 hour return. They also have a priority loading service that allows you to be the first on the ship and first off again on the other side.

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