Getting Ferries to France Cheap

Ferries to France cheap

A ferry ride is not only the easiest way but the cheapest way to get to France. You have the option to choose from hundreds of companies servicing the route. With so many ferry companies available, you do not need to wait long to check in. You can even check in with your vehicle and you can carry inside as much baggage as you want. Most companies allow one payment for the vehicle including nine passengers inside.

Look for the most amazing prices from ferry companies covering the major routes from UK to France. State of the art ferries give traveling the ultimate in comfort and pleasure. From the Port of Dover, it only takes around 40 minutes for you to cross the channel to Calais, France. You will arrive in France well-rested and energetic to accomplish your purpose.

Some of the notable companies running ferries to France cheap from different UK ports are: Brittany Ferries, Compagnie Corsaire, Condor Ferries, DFDs Seaways formerly Norfolkline, Eurotunnel, Hoverspeed, LD Lines, Norfolkline, PO Ferries, PO Irish Sea Ferries, SeaFrance, Stena Line Ferries and many more. For the rest of company list, refer to links below.

Fares are dirt cheap, for example, one company charges only £23.00 crossing from Dover to Calais, while another charges £29.00 covering the same destination. Booking tickets online is the easiest way to do it. You have also to inquire about the price since different companies differ based on the port of your departure, port of destination and other individual circumstances.

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