Ferries to France

While taking a plane is generally the cheapest and easiest way to go abroad, there are some great deals to be had on ferries to France. While they might not beat a plane on price, the levels of comfort assured on a good ferry are unparalleled. In fact, the trip itself can be as much fun as the actual holiday on a top class ferry. Let's check out some deals.....

The number one ferry site is the brittanyferries website. This is one of the best loved ferries to the continent, and with good reason.

Brittany ferries are jam-packed with really cool features. There are bars and restaurants on board and games arcades to keep the kids out of your hair. A fresh continental breakfast awaits you in the morning, and lunch and dinner is an equally tasty affair. If you fancy a movie at night why not visit the cinema on the lower deck? Or how about cooling off in the swimming pool? The bars also have early stageshows for the kids to enjoy and late night performances so you can get your groove on. These are but a few of the many first class features aboard Brittany Ferries. Have a look at the website and see if a ferry trip to France can do it for you.

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