Beat the crowds this summer with ferries to Bologne in France

Euroferries is a high speed ferry operator between the ports of Ramsgate and Bologne. Traveling on their ferries to Bologne from Ramsgate is the fastest crossing available of only 75 minutes. On arrival, you can look forward to being on your way with the minimum of delay.

Euroferries terminal in Ramsgate is well connected to the national motorways. Journey times are extremely rapid; to the M25 circular it is just under the hour and to Canary Wharf it takes just over an hour.

To purchase your ticket, you can book online or call them on 0844 414 5355. They operate 4 daily crossings on their wave-piercing catamaran. You will find all the information regarding timetables, fares, insurance and ferry services on the companies website.

If you want you can avail of the exclusive onboard Gold First Class section, with benefits such as a luxurious lounge providing first-class service, along with priority boarding and disembarking.

They also provide a connecting luxury coach service between Euroferries port terminals and London's Stratford bus station. This service is perfect for those commuting to and from London and for those thinking of travelling to the 2012 Olympics.

When you take the ferry to Bologne, you are immediately within walking distance of the town centre with it's superb shops and restaurants. For those needing to go further afield, there is a link from the terminal exit to the A16, and from there speedy connections to the entire French motorway network.

With special offers from £49 for a day return, with car and 5 passengers, the whole family can have a great day out at an affordable price. Taking ferries to Bologne from Ramsgate you can take in the stunning views from coast to coast and have plenty of time to enjoy the French mainland.



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