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The seaside resort in Essex, England, Southend-on-Sea is known for its seafront, busy ferry terminal and its status as the home to the world's longest pleasure pier. The pier, built in 1830, stretches some 1.33 miles from shore and is home to the 20th century Kursaal theme park as well as the popular ferry port.

Whether your adventurous spirit beckons you to Dublin, France, Germany, or Holland you'll discover a number of sea travel services available in Southend-on-Sea, including Cross Channel Ferry rides, Duty Free services, standard Ferry Crossings, or Hovercrafts. Some of the most popular ferry companies are Brittany Ferries, PO Ferries and Stenaline and leave approximately four times a day. Trips range from 35 minutes to France to longer times as you move further afield.

If you're thinking of travelling as a foot passenger or bringing your car, van, motor home or motorcycle to your destination, you have plenty of ferry ports to choose from. Ferry ticket prices start from £44 and are contingent on a number of factors such as: the destination and length of the crossing, the time of year, and extra costs such as tolls, fuel, food and beverages.

While you’re waiting for the ferry, why not spend an afternoon in Southend-on-sea and enjoy some of the highlights such as: the longest pleasure pier in the world, Adventure Island theme park, Kursaal theme park, Sea-Life Adventure aquarium, the Southend Cliff Railway, farmers' market, Festival of the Air (one of Europe's largest free airshows), the Cliff Pavilion, or the Southend Carnival and illuminations. Book online for a full range of ferry ticket prices from all the major ferries. Ferries Southend on Sea will take you there. Book online right now.

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