Ferries from Poole to France are frequent, reliable and cheap.

Ferries from Poole to France

If you’re tired of airport hassle, paying extra for luggage and speedy boarding and are feeling eco-minded, you may be in 'shun the plane' mode and looking to cross the Channel by ferry. Not only can you relax and breathe in some sea air, you can also take your own vehicle along and have it available to tour France or even nearby countries when you arrive.

If you live in the south of England, what could be easier than opting for one of the many ferries from Poole to France? Vehicle owners just drive straight on to the boat and foot passengers can get to Poole both by National Express from London Victoria and other UK towns or by train. Once on board, the journey time takes from two and a half hours to four and a half, depending on the service you opt for.

Award winning Brittany Ferries (brittanyferries.com) operate ferries from Poole to France (Cherbourg) with 2 daily crossings and 3 on Fridays. For example a return trip for 2 adults with car, departing on the 19th of September on the high speed 7.00 a.m. crossing (arriving at 10.30) and returning on the 27th departing at 11.30a.m. (arriving at 13.00), costs £258, that’s just £129 per person and you have no luggage restrictions and the price includes a seat reservation.

Condor Ferries offers a fast ferry service from Poole to St Malo, in Brittany which takes around 5 hours.They are currently operating daily crossings, although there are fewer crossings in winter. Check their website (condorferries.co.uk) for special offers. Bon Voyage!

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