Looking for ferries from Ireland to France?

Taking ferries from Ireland to France give the traveller the option of avoiding airport hassle, excess baggage costs and the freedom to bring a car.

Irish Ferries operate two routes, Rosslare to Cherbourg and Rosslare to Roscoff. Book online at irishferries.com. For telephone bookings and enquiries call 0818 300 400 or see your travel agent. Winner of the best ferry company award for eleven years, Irish Ferries have convenient departure and arrival times. The Oscar Wilde ferry provides top levels of comfort and style enroute to France. There are three restaurants on board, two lounge bars, two cinemas, a piano bar, children's play area, cafe, hair and beauty salon, wifi and internet access, mall style shopping, and gaming area.

This ferry has 464 cabins and 440 car spaces. Cabin accommodation ranges from 5 star suites to 2 star cabins.

The travel time with Irish Ferries is 16 hours 30 minutes Rosslare to Roscoff and 17 hours 30 minutes Rosslare to Cherbourg.

Brittany Ferries sail to France from Ireland, departing from Ringaskiddy, Cork and arriving in Roscoff. The luxurious flagship, Pont-Aven sails every Saturday either at 15.30 or 16.00 and arrives in Roscoff at 07.00 on Sunday morning. Book online at brittanyferries.com or call 021 4277801.

As well as the direct sailings to France from Ireland, both Brittany Ferries and Irish ferries offer a landbridge route to France. This involves travelling to Britain by ferry  and then taking another ferry  from Britain to France. Full details of Landbridge can be found on both websites.

For relaxing travel to France from Ireland ferries are the way to go.

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