Ferries from Grimsby

Although there aren't any existing ferries from Grimsby, you can easily catch a ferry from nearby Hull. From the Hull Ferry Port you will be able to cross to two possible destinations: Rotterdam, the Netherlands, or Zeebrugge, Belgium. Depending on how you travel from Grimsby to Hull (driving, bus, or train), you can reach the Hull Ferry Port in few minutes by car, or a maximum of an hour and a half by train.

Grimsby to Hull Trip

Driving the 16 miles from Grimsby to Hull should take less than half an hour. However, if you are not travelling by car, you could take the Stagecoach bus there on its Humberflier route. They have departures every hour. The trip takes just over an hour and they offer a variety of fares and tickets, at stagecoachbus.com. Alternatively, you could reach Hull by train in 90 minutes, by checking thetrainline.com for cheap tickets. An open return from Grimsby Dock or Grimsby Town rail stations to Hull is around £40 for an adult and £20 for a child.

Hull to Rotterdam Ferries

Overnight crossings are available from Hull to Rotterdam, the Netherlands, through PO Ferries. This company has two luxury cruise ferries, which sail from Hull to Rotterdam in 10 hours. You can enjoy their restaurants and onboard entertainment, or relax in your choice of accommodation. A private cabin will give you the comfort that you expect, allowing you to arrive in Rotterdam well-rested. Rotterdam has great access to other cities in northern Europe, one of the most important of which is Amsterdam. The Hull-Rotterdam route starts at around £250 for a standard car and a driver. Depending on offers published on the P&O Ferries website you may be able to get a discount, at poferries.com.

Hull to Zeebrugge Ferries

The Zeebrugge port in Belgium is an interesting destination. It is the major Belgian port and is just few miles from the medieval town of Bruges. P&O Ferries, at poferries.com offers a 12 hour overnight crossing from Hull to Zeebrugge. Both of the two P&O cruise ferries offer a variety of bars and restaurants, a casino and private cabins for relaxing and resting while your ship crosses the sea. The price starts from around £200 return for one adult and a car. Final price will depend on the season and the accommodation options you select.

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