Find ferries from Portsmouth to Spain

Brittany Ferries offer travel from the UK to Brittany, Normandy and northern Spain. They have ferries from Portsmouth to Spain, that go into either Santander or Bilbao.

The ferries from Portsmouth to Santander depart twice weekly and the journey lasts 24 hours. The ferries from Portsmouth to Bilbao depart twice weekly and the journey lasts either 24 hours or 32 hours.

Prices as always vary based on availability, time of travel, season, if you are bringing a car and how far in advance you book it. This means it can be very difficult to find a price even if you are flexible with when you travel. Many websites have this problem. If you are travelling to Bilbao the fare can be between £203 and £396. If you are travelling to Santander fares can be between £194 and £306.

Being stuck on a boat for either 24 hours or 32 hours can sound tedious to some people but the ships have everything you could possibly need. If you are travelling with children there are play areas for kids. There are games rooms for kids and big kids, and slot machines if you like a flutter. The ships have sun decks, swimming pools, shops and even cinemas - so there will be no problem keeping entertained throughout the trip.

There are also restaurants, self service restaurants and coffee shops. so you won’t go hungry. The main restaurant is more fine dining, with mouth watering food on offer and great wines. The self service restaurants have snacks, buffets and hot dishes. They have fish and chips, sandwiches, baguettes and wine and beer available.

Getting a ferry over to Spain is a good idea and getting a ferry gives you the option of bringing the car along so you can enjoy Spain at your own pace.

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