Why Choose Ferries from Ireland to France

With all the different travel options available to us these days why not take the scenic route and take ferries from Ireland to France. Not only do you have the option of leaving the beautiful shores of Ireland's Rosslare port to either Roscoff or Cherbourg ports in the beautiful north of France but you also have the choice of bringing a car.

The advantage over flying is tremendous as this option allows you to explore the magnificent countryside and the hills of France at your own pace and in the leisure of your own car. No hassle renting or leasing a car and you can have piece of mind while your there.

With fares as low as €110 (including a vehicle) you would be crazy to skip the luxurious cruise options offered by numberous ferry company's across the isle of Ireland. They even offer discounts for groups and cargo unlike some of the airlines that charge you more for additional weight while travelling!

Over the last number of years, Irish Ferries have invested over €450 million in new fleet and port facilities. They now have the most modern fleet in Europe including Ulysses, the Largest Car Ferry, the Dublin Swift on the Dublin – Holyhead route and the Isle of Inishmore on the Pembroke - Rosslare route. In addition, they are very proud to have introduced a new addition to the fleet on the Ireland France service – the luxurious Oscar Wilde.

With top class treatment and friendly service, the next time you consider travelling consider taking ferries from Ireland to France.


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