Your guide to ferries from Felixstowe

Felixstowe has an illustrious history as a North Sea port, and for many years was a popular departure point for car ferries to the continent, with companies like Townsend-Thoresen running fleets of ferries from Felixstowe on routes over to Holland and Belgium.

As Felixstowe became more significant as a container port though, the emphasis has turned to freight routes, with the massive container ships ferrying produce and imports from its twin across the sea in Rotterdam. Nowadays tourists taking their cars over the North Sea depart from nearby Harwich, or a little further north, from Hull.

Ferries from Felixstowe aren’t entirely defunct though. A residue of charm is retained in the Felixstowe foot passenger ferries that make the triangular trip around the estuary, calling in at Felixstowe Ferry, Harwich and Shotley. You won’t exactly feel the full blast of the wind from the open North Sea, but you’ll get a chance to see why this stretch of coast became so important in the UK’s maritime trade.

Alternatively a quaint foot ferry crosses the estuary from Felixstowe to Bawdsey Quay in summer from May to September. Traditionally this was a popular service with children from Ipswich heading off at weekends to enjoy a spot of crabbing on the quayside. Charges for adults are £1.80 single, £2.50 return, and £1 single or return for children.

These particular ferries from Felixstowe aren’t going to face down the big waves on the high seas, but are a great way to see some of the charming backwaters beyond the busy port.

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