Ferries to France Between Dover and Calais

The Journey

The journey between Dover and Calais lasts approximately an hour and a half, although this can vary based upon the weather and conditions in the English Channel.

Ferries travel to France between Dover and Calais due to the geographical proximity of the two port towns, which makes it one of the quickest ways to cross the English Channel.

The main advantage of taking the ferry over flying when travelling from the UK to France is that passengers can take their vehicle along with them on the journey. This enables you to drive away from Calais without the trouble and added expense of renting a hire car.

Furthermore, passengers choose ferries to France between Dover and Calais over flights because they are significantly cheaper.

Finally, travellers who are nervous about or even unwilling to fly whatsoever elect to take the ferry in order to keep themselves at sea level at all times during their transit between Dover and Calais.

Booking Your Ferry Journey

Passengers can make bookings online in two main ways: through the ferry company's official website or through a ferry price comparison website.

Price comparison websites allow passengers to see the latest and cheapest fare available for their English Channel crossing from Dover to Calais.

Simply visit websites such as Intoferries.co.uk, Ferrycrossings-uk.co.uk and Ferryto.co.uk and insert your desired travel arrangements before looking through the prices for travel that are generated.

Make sure that you have organised the web page to show prices in ascending order of cost so you can see the cheapest ferry fares at the top of the page.

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