Discover the best options for ferries to France

Ferries to France

While hundreds of thousands of passengers embark on cross channel ferries to France annually, there is a lot more to taking the ferry than simply stopping in Calais for a booze refill. With Northern France, Paris, and more, on your dootstep, taking ferries to France can kick off the most amazing holidays. Here is a look at the current best options for booking inexpensive and quick cross-Channel ferries.

From Dover to Dunkirk, Norfolk Line, now part of DFDS, can offer some of the cheapest deals to France. These ferries depart 12 times each day, so travellers can practically turn up and embark for the two hour journey. Return trips in September cost from as little as £38 including fuel surcharges for those taking a motor vehicle on board.

The historic P&O line can also take you to France, with trips from Dover to Calais available. Foot passengers can book return journeys from just £59 per person, though if you want a more relaxing time on board, group passes to the club lounge can be purchased for just £24. This gives you access to complimentary champagne, comfortable seats, and free soft drinks. These prices are valid for journeys within the month of August.

Brittany Ferries also ply these busy waters, connecting you to St Malo and Caen from Portsmouth. Trips to St Malo can be booked from as little as £82 for departures before the 25th of August. Journeys during the day last about 8 hours, while overnight voyages go slower so you have a more relaxing sleep, and take up to 12 hours.

With France so easily accessed by ferry, and prices cheap, there is really no need to go through the stress, hassle and expense of flying from an airport. Ferries to France are a more relaxing way to travel.

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