Deals in Ferries From Felixstowe

As a seaside town on the Suffolk coast, any visit to Felixstowe would not be complete without a ferry trip. Whether you are looking for a fun way to explore the local area, or your sense of adventure has you seeking distant shores, there are ferries from Felixstowe to suit everyone.

The Harbour Ferry Trip: Felixstowe – Harwich – Shotley

Ferries from Felixstowe go to Shotley, via Harwich, crossing from Suffolk go to Essex and back again along the way. If you get off in Harwich you can catch a half-hour ferry tour around Harwich harbour. For nature lovers, there are also ferry tours along the Rivers Stour or Orwell. You can also hire a boat for a private group tour. With small boats (maximum capacity of twelve people) and budget-friendly fares, this is a great way to explore three different towns and take in some peaceful riverside scenery. The ferry service operates daily during the summer months, with a regular daily tour schedule.

The Historical Ferry Trip: Felixstowe Ferry – Bawdsey

At the edge of Felixstowe, and at the mouth of the River Deben, lies the atmospheric fishing village of Felixstowe Ferry. From here, a charming ferry boat will take you across the Deben to Bawdsey, where you could visit historic Bawdsey House. It served as a top-secret MOD research base during the Second World War, and is where radar technology was developed. There are also two Martello towers which served as points of defence against seaborne attacks by Napoleon. The ferry provides a daily service throughout the summer and also does one-hour tours up the Deben to Ramsholt.

The Adventure Ferry Trip: Harwich – Esbjerg, Denmark

Just across the harbour from Felixstowe passenger ferries at Harwich offer trips to Europe. DFDS Seaways operates a year-round mini-cruise to the city of Esbjerg, in south-western Denmark’s Ribe region. The 17-hour, overnight journey includes cabin accommodation. On-board facilities include a lounge bar, restaurants, kids’ play area, and TV on-demand in most cabins. A ferry trip is a great way to start off a cycling or driving holiday in Europe, a stag or hen weekend, or a mini-break.

The Adventure Ferry Trip: Harwich – Hook of Holland

Also departing from Harwich ferry port, Stena Line offers daily crossings to the Hook of Holland. The seven-hour trip can be done by day or night, with the option to rent cabin accommodation. A wide variety of on-board amenities will keep you entertained for the duration of the trip. At the other end, nearby Rotterdam is a great place to spend a night on the town or start off your European holiday.

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