Travel to Scotland! Ride Ferries to Edinburgh!

Edinburgh is the capital of Scotland and one of UK’s finest cities. There are several ways to reach Edinburgh depending on your location. It could be by plane or train but if you are coming from the continent of Europe, riding a ferry is probably the most accessible way to get to Scotland.

Edinburgh can be reached easily through the ferry ports in Newcastle and Hull. Not far from the city are the Irish ports in Stranraer and Cairnryan. For more information regarding transportation and tourists destinations in Edinburgh, please go to www.edinburgh.org.

There are four major ferry operators that regularly crosses Europe’s mainland to Scotland and England. One is Superfast Ferries, which travels from Zeebrugge, Belgium to Rosyth in Scotland. Also, P O Ferries brings in passengers from Rotterdam, Europoort to Hull in England. Stena Line travels from Hook Van Holland to Harwick, England and DFDS Seaways operates from Ijmuiden, Amsterdam all the way to Newcastle in England. Check out their sites for ferry fares and schedules.

There are many advantages when riding ferries to Edinburgh as compared to getting on a plane. Ferries can carry vehicles aboard so if you want to bring your car or motorcycle, you can actually do so. Of course, the trips are longer but the sights are so much better and you can do a lot of different things on the ferry. Bring your camera and take a picture of the sceneries or play cards with your family and friends. If you’re afraid of flying but you truly want to see Scotland, ferries Edinburgh are not hard to find. That way, you can really appreciate the beauty of the place.

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