Ferries from Dover to France

Connecting with Dover

Located in the English home county of Kent, Dover is a popular ferry port given its close proximity to France across the English Channel.

Travel from other parts of the UK to Dover is also very straightforward, with the M20 connecting the outskirts of London to Dover.

Furthermore, passengers travelling from Essex to Dover can utilise the M2, with a drive from Chatham to Dover taking under an hour.

The Ferry Crossing

Ferries from Dover to France arrive at a number of different French ports.

The fastest Channel crossing is between Dover and Calais — a journey that takes 90 minutes — which is why this journey has the most passengers each year.

Alternatively, passengers can travel between Dover and Dunquerque in approximately a couple of hours, allowing travellers to land at one of the most significant historic towns in Europe.


There are several alternatives to ferries from Dover to France.

Many passengers choose to travel from the English port towns of Folkestone, Portsmouth, Poole, Weymouth, for example.

Journeys can be made from any of these English ports to the French towns of Le Havre, Cherbourg, St. Malo and Roscoff, for example, with journey times varying between six and eight hours.

Why Take the Ferry Instead of Flying?

There are a number of reasons why passengers elect to sail across the English Channel rather than fly over it.

Most commonly, passengers wish to take their car along with them on their French holiday, and so must book an appropriate car-carrying ferry.

Other reasons include passengers with a sense of adventure, budget conscious travellers and people who are nervous about flying and prefer to make the sea crossing.

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