Ferrey options to France

Did you know that France and England are seperated by only twenty one miles of water at the straight of Dover? With crossings via a ferrey to France from Dover only taking seventy minutes a holiday in France has never before been a better option for the summer holidays.

There are a number of options for holiday makers and business travellers looking to make their way from England to France.

Perhaps the best known and most popular crossing is from Dover to Calais but there are 12 ferry routes that run to harbours in France from the South Coast of England.

Dover may be the name that springs to mind when people think of ferries to France but with only two destinations, Calais and Boulogne it pales in comparison with Portsmouth. Ferries run from Dover all day with nearly 46 crossings per day that vary with time of the year. Sailings start at 6:30am and run all day till the last ferry at 10:00pm.

Portsmouth has four destinations along the French coast, Caen, Cherbourg, Le Harve and Saint Malo. Each of these offers a unique chance to explore life in French fishing and coastal towns and villages. There are four sailings a day, 07:00, 08:15, 14:45 and 22:45. Again these times can vary with seasonality.

Within a short drive from the ferry terminals are vineyards and shopping opportunities.  These crossings have proven popular with travellers who want to have the best of both worlds, sight seeing along the scenic coastlines of Northern France and partaking of the generous prices afforded on the some of the best wines France produces including vintages from the nearby Beaudeaux region. The ferrey to France has never been better value when used in this way.

Since the launch of the channel tunnel there has certainly been a fall off in the number of travellers who use the ferry connections between France and the Southern Coast of the UK but thanks to the aggressive pricing of car and ferry packages the numbers are ever increasing.

Using websites like FerryBooker and DirectFerries that compare the market of prices has given us the best results in the past and we cannot recommend them enough. These sites will give you a run down of the sailings, confirm dates and times and ensure you secure the best price available.

Remember that prices vary with seasonality, type of ferry and also how busy they are so travelling before weekends and avoiding bank holidays is the key to getting the lowest price.

Bon Voyage.



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