Fees for cancelling a flight

Planning a trip and booking flights can be an exciting time for most travellers. Unfortunately though, unexpected things can come up and you may need to cancel your flight. If this does happen, you should know what fees you may be expected to pay. We take a look at different airlines and their fees as well as possible ways to protect yourself.

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Before we look at specific fees and airlines, remember that every airline is different so it is extremely important to look the cancelation policy of your airline before booking a flight. Most airlines have offer a more expensive ticket option which is essentially a flexible ticket. This often allows passengers some leeway if something does come up and you do need to cancel your flight for whatever reason. Again, each airline varies so double check the type of ticket you are getting before you purchase.

Standard airline tickets are usually non-refundable and if you do want to change the date of your flight you will have to pay a fee as well as the fare differential. Another option is to invest in travel insurance, which might be a good option if there is any chance at all that you may need to cancel your flight in the future.

If you are flying with British Airways with a ticket that doesn't allow any changes and you cancel online, this will cost you £15 per flight if you cancel online. If you prefer to cancel by phone and contact the BA Contact Centre, this will cost you a few extra pounds and even more if you go directly to an Airport Ticket Office to deal with a staff member in person. The price also varies depending on the country you are in while cancelling the flight.

Budget airlines such as EasyJet have a set fee of £30 per passenger per changed flight. They only offer one type of ticket which is non-refundable 24 hours after purchase. They will refund you the aviation taxes if you were charged for them at the time of purchase. There are ways to get a refund though if you need to cancel due to exceptional circumstances. An example of this would be the bereavement of an immediate family member. If the EasyJet Customer Service Team decides you are eligible and have the correct documents to support your claim, you will be offered a refund in the form of an EasyJet Flight Voucher.

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