Feeling Scilly this summer?

The serene Isles of Scilly, just 28 miles from Cornwall, are a wonderful get-away-from-it all retreat, attracting the likes of Jude Law, ex James Bond Sir Roger Moore and children’s writer Michael Morpurgo, reports the Daily Mail. Of the five inhabited islands, St Mary's is the largest island, but the second-largest , Tresco, is perhaps the smartest. The recently released film Archipelago, directed by Joanna Hogg, was shot here.

Tresco is a privately owned island with a permanent population of around just 150, but its main attraction, 17-acre Abbey Gardens draws 45,000 visitors a year, who come to view this amazing collection of exotic plants, and Valhalla, a fascinating collection of Scilly Isles shipwreck memorabilia within the gardens. The Tresco Gallery (01720 424925) is also worth a visit, displaying works by Cornwall’s leading artists, and you can walk easily to Cromwell’s Castle, an artillery tower built as a defence against the Dutch. The Tresco Sailing Club (01720 422060) offers windsurfing, kayaking and sailing.

Stay at the award-winning luxurious Island Hotel (01720 422883) or enjoy the less formal New Inn (01720 422844), which is also a great restaurant, serving beef from the island’s herd, and is the island’s only pub. The Flying Boat Club offers self-catering homes with pool, spa and gym, plus breathtaking sea views (01720 422844). Visitors arrive by boat, plane or helicopter. It’s 20 minutes by air from Penzance or two and a half hours by ferry. Visit www.tresco.co.uk for further details on accommodation and travel.

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