Fast Food on the Fly: Part 1

You’re travelling by air across the States, shuttling between one connecting airport to another, and the grub on the plane isn’t really doing it for you. Plus, you might have woken up late, your tummy’s rumbling and you want something quick. Add to that you don’t want another mouthful of chain fast food and you’ve got yourself quite the conundrum. Fret no more, as our 2-part guide to the best fast food in American airports selects the finest cuts of guilty pleasure Americana for you to discover.

Los Angeles

The famous and oft-queued-for LA institution Pink’s Hot Dogs is set to open soon at Los Angeles International Airport, with a site at Tom Bradley International Terminal. It will have a shorter menu than its city counterpart, but is set to make up for that with very own special item: The LAX International Dog.

Washington DC

They’re not called Moe, but Five Guys Burgers and Fries, apart from being rhymetastic are taking the East Coast gourmet burger market by storm since arriving on the scene a few years ago. Offering lovingly crafted burgers accompanied by frankly offensive quantities of fries, the mini-chain has now made it to Washington Dulles International Airport (of Die Hard 2 fame) and Reagan National Airport. Burgers are available at two locations in Dulles near gates B71 and A3, and within the North Pier at Reagan National. The Gipper would have approved.

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