Fast Ferries to France

Fast ferries between the UK and France amongst other countries are often the quickest way to get to the continent. You don't need to arrive at the ferry port two hours in advance either, as you do when you are flying somewhere. What's more is that you can take your car with you and make a roadtrip abroad. With Dover to Calais being one of the quickest routes, it is also the most popular. Crossing times are anything up to 90 minutes, with the quickest crossings being as little as one hour in perfect conditions. Dover to Dunkirk is also very popular. This route typically takes under two hours.

DFDS Seaways, one of the UK's leading ferry companies, offer regular sailings throughout the day from Dover to Dunkirk. Ferries typically run every two hours on weekdays, with fewer ferries running on the weekends. With a car and four people, prices start at only £19 for the whole group for a one-way trip. You can find more special offers at dfdsseaways.co.uk. All quoted prices include taxes and other charges.

Fast ferries between Dover and Calais are operated throughout the day by various companies, one of the biggest being PO Ferries. Poferries.com provides the option to book online to save money and make planning your trip even quicker and more convenient. Prices start at £25 for a one-way crossing including a car full of people. The lowest rates can be found at off-peak times. Prices vary considerably, with return tickets usually being the best value for money.

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