Fashionable features of Maastricht

Everyone likes to blend in as much as possible with the crowd on holiday so follow our tips on how to look like a local with an eye for design and innovation.

On arriving in the city, check out the incredibly trendy Kruisherenhotel, which consists of a vast array of rooms based in a newly restored monastery from the 15th century. The interior has been designed to accommodate ancient frescos and features designer furniture by Le Corbusier and Philippe Starck. In keeping with its original function, this accommodation maintains a calm and serene atmosphere.(chateauhotels.nl)

Alternatively, try out the Eden Design Hotel, which is based near the main train station in Maastricht where a youthful, funky mentality resides alongside bare minimalist rooms. (edendesignhotel.com)

Stokstraat, the oldest area in the city, contains a beguiling array of boutiques and designer shops, alongside local talent, such as Kiki Niesten, who owns a shop with cutting-edge designer gear at reasonable prices. (Kiki 2 at Stokstraat 28 & 33).

To gem up on your knowledge of avant-garde art, as well as the talents of old masters, pay a trip to the Bonnefanten museum. (bonnefanten.nl) Afterwards, take a hike (on a bike) to the 17th century Château Neercanne, which lies on the border with Belgium and have lunch on one of the fantastic terraces in the grounds.

To reward yourself for having had a day well spent, hang out with the fashionistas at 'Take Five' bar, where delicious cocktails are served under cover of unobtrusive darkness, and are accompanied by electronic jazzy tunes. (Bredestraat 14)

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