Farmers' Markets, US Style - Part 3

Lincoln, Nebraska - Historic Haymarket

The Historic Haymarket in Lincoln, Nebraska is the daily home to a raft of fashionable eateries and trendy shops. Every Saturday morning from May to October, the farmers’ market enters the fold with more than 200 of the Midwest's best farmers descending on the Haymarket with their finest produce. It's also the best place in the city for Kolaches and coffee.

Little Rock, Arkansas - River Market

The Little Rock Arkansas River Market, located in the historic Quapaw Quarter, is a slick affair. Known as a year-round destination for ethnic cuisine and entertainment, summer is the time to get your hands on Arkansas' famous tomatoes and watermelons. It’s a stone’s throw from the William Jefferson Clinton Presidential Library, dedicated to Arkansas’ favourite son, Slick Willy.

Washington D.C. - Eastern Market

After a fire tore through the market in April 2007, the historic Eastern Market has made a comeback and is back to selling the very best meats, poultry, breads and gourmet goodies throughout the week in the South Hall. The weekends see the stalls expand their offerings beyond produce with antiques, crafts, photography, handmade jewellery and other collectibles.

Santa Monica, California - Virginia Avenue Park

The Virginia Avenue Park is just one of several markets that sprout up over the course of the week in this freewheeling Californian beach city, but is arguably the most essential. Local restaurateurs can often be found here featuring the very best of their menus.

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