Farmers' Markets, US Style - Part 2

We continue our look at the greatest farmers’ markets in the good ol’ US of A. So, pack a big basket hop into your pick-up truck as we look at the next crackers on the list representing the best the Midwest has to offer. Catch up on Part 1 here

Des Moines, Iowa – Des Moines Farmers Market

All products sold at the Des Moines Farmers Market must be grown within the state. There are over 160 stalls as well as a miniature train for children. On Saturdays, you'll find musicians, clowns or dance troupes performing.

Woodstock, Illinois – Woodstock Farmers Market

Voted the best farmers market in Illinois in 2008, everything sold here must be grown, raised or made by the seller. It can be found on Woodstock’s town square, with folk music performed live from a nearby gazebo on Tuesday and Saturday mornings.

Holland, Michigan – Holland Farmers Market

The Holland Farmers Market is the place to go to for the freshest blueberries, cherries and strawberries and a cooling breeze from The Great Lakes. The market also carries award-winning cheeses, eggs and a dazzling array of freshly grown herbs and spices.

Columbus, Ohio - North Market

Columbus Ohio's North Market comes with its own kitchen and chef to prepare meals on site from items shoppers buy at the market. Particular standouts include ice cream, and prepared foods from international stallholders.

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