Farmers' Markets, US Style - Part 1

Farmers’ markets have become an in-vogue feature of towns throughout the UK in the last decade. But what about those you can unearth in the US, boasting an even more exotic selection of fruits, vegetables and secret recipes? Here is the first of a three part guide to the very best places to get fresh and unique treats. Next time you’re Stateside, check these out: the best the country has to offer.

St. Louis - Soulard Farmer's Market

The Soulard Farmers Market began in St. Louis in 1779 and continues to this day in an old train terminal. You can buy fresh fruit, live chickens, baked goods and flowers. The market also includes a craft and flea market.

Indianapolis - Indianapolis City Market

The Indianapolis City Market was built in 1886 and today includes an arts market on Saturday and a farmers' market on Wednesdays full to the brim with treats made from Indiana’s two homegrown favourites: corn and tomatoes.

Madison, Wisconsin – The Madison Farmers’ Market

The Madison Wisconsin Farmers’ Market occupies the land around the state capitol building in the heart of town. Be prepared to be roped into signing a petition or two or get gladhanded by a local politician on the make.

Kansas City - City Market

Kansas City's City Market is a major attraction with over 10,000 visitors every weekend. A delivery service is available for big purchases. It’s also home to some fantastic restaurants dedicated to bringing fresh farm produce to diners’ tables.

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