Family things to do in London absolutely free.

Edinburgh and London were recently named the second and third most family-friendly cities in Europe respectively by TripAdvisor, beaten only by the Tuscan city of Florence. If London is a surprise, it’s because it’s considered less expensive for families than rumour has it, with a number of attractions free of charge. Apart from the well known heavyweights such as the British Museum, the National Gallery and the Tate Modern, there are a number of things to see with free entry that will keep all the family happy. We’ve searched the web and come up with the following from a BBC Travel list.

Start your tour with a trip to the Natural History Museum. The building itself is a wow, dating back to 1880, and houses a fascinating collection for all the family. A diplodocus dinosaur skeleton welcomes you, with a T-Rex not far behind. If you visit from April to September, you’ll be able to enjoy the wildlife garden.

The Museum of London is often left off the tourists’ list, yet it’s one of the city's great attractions, imaginatively presenting the various stages of the town’s history, from Anglo-Saxons to 21st-Century bankers.

The kids might be interested in visiting St Paul's Church (as opposed to St Paul's Cathedral), where the first Punch and Judy show took place in 1662. Known as the ‘actor's church’, there are memorials for Charlie Chaplin and Vivien Leigh.

And don’t forget the parks, canal walks and markets, all fun and all free. With the money you save you can treat yourself to a whirl on the London Eye or visit the Tower of London!

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