Ideas for Family Sun Holidays 2011

With the financial crisis fading away, more and more opportunities can be found across the internet, when it comes to your family sun holidays 2011. Why settle for a budget vacation close to your home when you can go and enjoy the sun in fantastic places around the world? Sunny family holidays don’t really have to be stressful or expensive if you book them in advance online. Many travel websites offer comparison tools that you can use to find the right package for you and your family.

Countries like Portugal, Spain and Italy are favourites for every sun-seeker and good deals for your family sun holidays 2011 can be found at thomascook.com. For example, a Portuguese holiday can cost you from £352 pp, a Spanish one from £336 pp and an Italian one from £523 pp. The rates can differ according to the length of your stay, hotel’s star rating, board basis, number of people in your party etc.

Even more alternatives are available if you are willing to travel away from Western Europe. Take your teenagers and go rafting Turkey or enjoy exotic food in Morocco. Enjoy the Egyptian sun in fantastic resorts like Sharm el Sheikh or the Greek one in idyllic islands, such as Corfu, Kos or Mikonos. If you children are passionate about history, visiting ancient cities like Cairo, Alexandria or Athens can be a good opportunity to broaden their horizons. From travelsupermarket.com you can book amazing holidays to Corfu from £194 pp, to Marrakech from £ 202 or to the Red Sea from £ 296.

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