We check out the best deals on family suites at hotels in the Lakes District

Family suites at hotels in the Lakes

Thinking of taking a trip to the heart of England, the Lake District? This majestic area of natural beauty is the perfect place to take your family for a holiday on the cheap. The good news is that there are plenty of hotels that will cater specifically to what you need, so in this blog we are going to take a closer look at family suites at hotels in the Lakes District and how to get them for a reasonable price.

Ever since the economy suffered a wobble in 2008, more and more people are realising the joys of taking a staycation at home with their family. You cut down on the hassle of flying, and hotels are putting on some brilliant deals right now. One such hotel in the Lake District is Rothay Manor, and you can check out their family suites section at http://www.rothaymanor.co.uk/Families.aspx.

Rothey Manor is a period home set in a stunning Lake District location. It is one of the most family friendly hotels in the area, serving Children's High Tea each day, as well as providing an extensive Children's menu and playing area. They have extensive special offers for kids too, with kids welcome for just £30 extra per night.

Another extremely family friendly hotel is the Damson Dene hotel at http://www.damsondene.co.uk/. This hotel is nestled in the tranquil Lyth Valley and is surrounded by some spectacular scenery. They are currently running offers of a room and three course dinner as well as full English Breakfast for just £50 on Sunday nights, well worth a look for a cheap family break.

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