Thinking about family ski holidays in New Zealand?

If you are wondering about family ski holidays New Zealand then we have exactly the information you need to make your family the happiest on the slopes.  New Zealand is a gorgeous land which has so much to offer with its beautiful mountains and scenery but every winter from June to October their ski season springs into life and you have the chance to experience some of the best skiing in the world.

As always package holidays can be expensive and especially so if the word 'skiing' is included. Booking your own flights and accomodation seperately is the best way to save some money.  Flights can be sourced from the usual suspects like kayak.com and edreams.com and during the New Zealand winter prices start from around £1000 round-trip form London.

The first thing you will need to do is decide where you and your family would like to ski and a great resource for this is www.newzealand.com/int/article/ski-new-zealand.  This webpage gives you the lowdown on all the best skiing sites both on the north island and the south so this makes choosing the best skiing location to suit your family really easy.

A highly recommended skiing venue is Cardrona and there is plenty of accomodation right on the mountain to give you convenient access to the slopes from the minute you have finished breakfast in the morning.  A good site to look at to get an idea of accomodation is cardrona.com/accommodation.html but you will need to organise your own flights to compliment these lodges.

Should you wish to let a travel agency do all the work then check out www.ski-newzealand.co.nz/skinz-hot-deals.aspx for family ski holidays New Zealand. You can find deals such as a 7 night package in Wanaka for 2 adults and 2 kids for around £80 per person each night.  Packages like this include return flights, a 2 bedroom suite, 8 day car hire, and 5 lift day passes for the adults and kids at Treble Cone or Cardrona.  The package covers all of your needs so it can make booking a holiday as hassle free as possible.

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