Family holidays: mum’s the word!

If you’re searching the web hoping to find some practical advice on the ideal family holiday, you may well be overwhelmed by the amount of information you find. To what extent is it reliable? Does the writer REALLY have children? We’d like to recommend one of the web’s coolest hands-on advice sites for parents planning their family break.

Recently voted the ‘Week’s Best Website by the Daily Mail, Mumsnet (www.mumsnet.com/travel) is a non-commercial site aimed at making ‘parents' lives easier by pooling knowledge, experience and support'. It has a massive 1.3 million visitors a month and you can access threads dealing with practical issues such as ‘flying with Ryanair’ and 'Science Museum or London Transport Museum for three-year olds?' There’s also a busy, chatty Mumsnet Talk forum where you can ask questions or contribute.

Try the useful, professionally-written articles on subjects such as camping, travelling with children by plane for the first time and even downloadable packing checklists. Mumsnet reviews cover everything from theme parks and museums, to brands of tents and accommodation, and 'Mumsnet Best' places indicates tried and tested visits you can trust.

With the Easter school holidays just around the corner why not visit the days out section for ideas on how to keep the kids entertained? And remember the old saying ‘Mum knows best’? There’s no better way to hear it than straight from the horse’s mouth!

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