Things to do on a family holiday in Turkey

Turkey is a holiday destination typified by endless Mediterranean coastlines and beautifully clean beaches. It has many archaeological sites of beauty and interest and is surrounded by mountainous terrain that is ideal for a walking break or an adventure holiday on two wheels, but what could you entertain the children with on a family holiday in Turkey?

Things to do in Turkey

If your holiday is a break from everyday life and you are not too concerned with sightseeing or too many activities, then Antalya in southern Turkey could be the right place for you. There the Cirali beach awaits the weary traveller. It is an unspoilt coastal area that's surrounded by lush gardens and mountain ranges. If you budget can stretch, why not stay in a wooden chalet on beach?

Adventure for all the family

If you are looking for a break with a little adventure sprinkled in, why not visit the harbour town of Kas? It’s also in southern Turkey but offers boat trips to nearby islands, farms to visit and castles to explore.

Farmyard activities

If a farm visit appeals why not go to Fethiye in south-west Turkey? This is an idyllic spot for a family holiday in Turkey as it is home to the Organic Eco Farm. Set in the middle of a valley and surrounded by pine trees, this is a farm that offers more than an opportunity to meet the local wildlife. Visitors can fish in the nearby river, swim in the pool, make souvenirs and learn to bake bread. If there is any energy left at the end of the day, the local beach is just 10 minutes drive away.

Final word

A family holiday in Turkey can be a holiday of exploration, adventure or relaxation. No matter what you choose to do on your first trip, there is always something to bring you back. As your family grow up you could explore more of the place’s history and broaden the activities you take in.

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