Family adventure holidays in the UK

While visiting amusement parks and waterslides for the day are fun to do with the family, there are many more types of adventure holidays that the UK has to offer. Rather than looking for places that only the kids will enjoy, why not visit places where you can also learn a thing or two. Here are some unique family adventure holiday locations.

    Dave Skinner - Wikimedia

HMS Victory is the world’s oldest naval ship that is still in commission. Made from over 6,000 trees and extending 227 feet, this wooden warship has resided in the Portsmouth Historic Dockyard since 1922. Children and parents can learn about its history and explore the 104 canons and various levels of the ship. Currently it is undergoing an £35 million conservation project which just shows just how important it is.

If your family is interested in wilderness and sustainability then head to the Eden project in St. Austell, Cornwall. When arriving you will see 2 large biomes, one which holds the world’s largest indoor rainforest and the other with over a million mediterranean plants. If your children get hungry they can enjoy healthy snacks and drinks from the juice bar. If you arrive by foot, bike or public transportation, you will also get a discount on admission!

Trains are always fun for young and old alike so why not book tickets for a trip on the Bluebell Railway in East Sussex. This is an 11 mile, 40 minute journey from Sussex to Sheffield Park. These clean and comfortable steam hauled trains make for a great adventure which have friendly volunteer staff ready to greet you. If you can, go during children’s week in August and see what deals are on for the whole family.

Of course a castle has to make the list as well. While going on a guided tour through a castle sounds like the worst holiday for a child, Powderham Castle in Kenton, somehow manages to make it super fun. This 600 year old castle has a walled garden with a wooden fort, a petting farm, mini zip-lines and even a deer park safari. If that doesn’t sound like enough, during the school holidays the Pocketwatch Theatre Group put on an interactive performance that is simply amazing.

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