Falmouth, Cornwall: a great place to try local seafood.

Stunning scenery, picturesque beaches, cream teas and laid back locals have long drawn holiday makers to Cornwall, looking for the ideal vacation destination, but it’s increasingly attracting foodies too. Quite a number are heading to Falmouth, which is gaining a reputation as a gastronomic hub, reports BBC Travel.

And it’s not all glitzy expensive restaurants. The town offers great southwest ales on tap, brasserie food at ‘Oliver’s’ and sustainable fish and chips at ‘Harbour Lights’. A must-stop for seafood lovers is no-frills 'The Wheelhouse' (01326 318050, open Wednesday-Saturday 6pm-9pm) near the waterfront, where you can savour local mussels, scallops, spiny lobsters and spider crabs without breaking the bank . Or try The Cove, just behind Maenporth Beach, where you can eat al fresco if the weather is good with main courses from £13.95.

Cornwall offers some of the county’s best culinary ingredients and local chefs have really started to exploit them . This includes oysters, where the long tradition of oyster farming dates back to the 12th century, and is celebrated with an annual autumn festival on the Helford River. So if you’re free in October or looking for a weekend break, why not join in the town’s Falmouth Oyster Festival, which runs from the 13th to the 16th of October this year.

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