Fall in Love with Trummelbach Falls


Waterfalls abound in Switzerland, but there’s one extraordinary waterfall that you shouldn’t miss on your Switzerland holiday: the Trummelbach Falls in Lauterbrunnen Valley.

Considered as the only mountain waterfalls in Europe, Trummelbach Falls is a heavenly sight along Lauterbrunnen: a high mountain with cascading streams. These same waterfalls drain the three mountains of the Swiss Alps: Eiger, Monch, and Jungfrau.

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To get to this tourist attraction, you can take a bus from Lauterbrunnen, and then hike up the mountain. Just follow the yellow trail signs on the main road, which will take you through a gorgeous meadow filled with wildflowers. You can take the lift that will take you up to the falls.

At the top, you’ll see ten waterfalls cascading through the mountain at 20,000 litres per second. The wet caves and crevices formed by the stream offer an amazing sight, and the rays of the sun filtering through the holes of the caves add to the breathtaking view. Be careful as you make your way around the falls, as the raging waters can easily knock you down and sweep you away.

A pleasant surprise awaits you as you find your way back down to the meadow. Just follow the right path toward Stechelberg, a small, quaint village in the mountain.

Trummelbach Falls is open from mid-April to October. Souvenirs, snacks, and restrooms are available at the entrance.

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