Holidays to Lapland with FalconHolidays.ie

There is nothing more magical and inspiring than seeing a young child's expression as he or she comes face to face with the real Santa Claus in Santa Claus's real home. You and your children will remember the moment forever, and will smile in recollection of it for many a Christmas, and laugh about it for many more.

Imagine, as a child, being able to do not only this, but to also spend time playing with Santa's Elves, who will give you a special Lappish passport to as a souvenir to remember your experience, and teach you how to speak to the real Santa Claus in Finnish.

Imagine meeting Santa's reindeer, having a practice drive of them, and getting a certificate to confirm that you have done so. Imagine going with the Elves to celebrate a special ceremony of crossing the border into the Arctic Circle.

Holidays to Lapland with FalconHolidays.ie will give you and your children all of these unforgettably magical experiences.

More than this, you will get to play with some huskies before taking them on a memorable sleigh ride across the Arctic landscape. You'll also have a snowmobile journey to a traditional Kota tent, where you will have a snack of heated juice and gingerbread.

From the moment you get on the plane (flights are available from Belfast and Dublin), your fantastical journey will begin: in-flight entertainment includes carol singing and festive games. At your hotel, you will enjoy buffets specially selected from Santa's favourite meals. The entire holiday is a Christmas extravaganza.

Book early at FalconHolidays.ie to avoid disappointment, as there is only a limited number of places available on this much-loved holiday. Prices start from around €510 per adult.

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