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Falcon offers several holiday destinations when you fly from Cork Airport. Amongst them are more typical holiday locations like Spain, the Canary Islands, the Balaeric Islands and the Algarve. More unusual destinations from Falcon holidays from Cork are places like the Black Sea and the Arctic Circle. You have literally loads to choose from with Falcon holidays from Cork.

Okay so how about a sun holiday? Well for mainland Spain you can access the four main coastal areas: Costa del Sol, Costa Dorada, Costa de Almeira and Costa de la Luz. Costa de Almeira gives you wild rugged lanscapes with golden beaches with African influences as it faces Morocco and Algeria. Whereas Costa de la Luz is rolling with olive fields, picturesque villages and sandy coves. Costa del Sol gives you the vineyards and the tapas bars where Costa Dorada is the centre of all things family.

With Falcon you can fly to either Gran Canaria or Lanzarote from the Canary Islands if flying from Cork. These two options are also great for sun holidays - Gran Canaria more so for young people with the night life and Lanzarote for a more relaxed family holiday.

Further afield you have Bulgaria and the Black Sea if you want a sun holiday with a difference. Flight time is about three and a half hours and you can only fly there from Cork between May and September. Falcon's resort there is in Bourgas and you would be staying at the Grand Hotel Sunny Beach. For your non-sun holiday Falcon have Lapland on offer. You can even do Lapland in a day with Falcon and what's more you get to meet with not just Santa but all his toy-making elves too!

Falcon holidays from Cork offer lots of variety. Prices start from as low as €200 for a week's holiday with all flights, accommodation and transfers.

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