Extreme Adventures

Throw all fear out the door, gather up your courage, and embark on these extreme adventures around the world! Adrenaline rush is not the only reward; immensely ravishing views and unforgettable experiences are also in store!

  • Skydiving, Mt. Everest, Nepal. Many have conquered the “tallest mountain on Earth,” but no one has ever jumped off it—until October 2008, when a group of adventurers dared to make history and skydived over 8,000 metres. You, too, can experience the thrills of one of the most extreme parachute jumps ever, with or without skydiving experience! Tandem jump an altitude of 8,850 metres with an expert skydiver and freefall down the face of the mountain, all the way down to the highest drop zone on the planet. Fight the urge of closing your eyes during the long jump; the surrounding whites and browns of the Himalayas are too precious to miss.
  • Shark adventure, Bahamas. The Bahamas may be famous for its breathtaking beaches, but in the clear blue waters of Tiger Beach, menacing creatures steal the spotlight—tiger sharks! An underwater photographer’s favourite, Tiger Beach is famous for its shark adventures, where hookah diving travellers watch the ominous creatures gobble up their prey at a close distance. Don’t worry; the tiger sharks won’t get you, because you’ll be enclosed in a custom-built cage the entire time. Humans aren’t sharks' first choice for a meal, but it’s better to be safe than sorry!
  • Sailing, Antarctica. Contrary to what others say, this continent with nearly 24 hours of daylight isn’t difficult to conquer. With specially built and equipped steel yachts like the Seal, travellers can easily explore the icy wilderness famous for its vast colonies of penguins and whales, wide variety of icebergs, majestic mountains, and dramatic cliffs that drop almost vertically to the sea. Included in the one-month adventure is a stop to Cape Horn and Drake Passage, and a visit to South Georgia, where mighty glaciers mix with beaches.
  • Desert expedition, Egypt. Ancient civilisation comes to life in the form of primitive paintings, tools, and even bones of people who lived 18,000 years ago in this incredible adventure. Within an average of 15 days, tourists get to learn about Egypt’s once thriving culture by walking the ancient streets of El Qasr (where a soak in a natural hot spring is a must), riding 4x4 vehicles to volcanic craters, and exploring rock formations aboard a camel. Archaeological treasures, such as the 18,000-year-old rock paintings at Kurkur Talh and cave paintings in Wadi Sura (Picture Valley) and Wadi Furag, each have a story to tell. Scenic wonders are abundant: 8 Bells site in Gilf Kebir, an aircraft landing site during WWII; Paul and Peter Mountain; Uwienat, the highest mountain in the Western desert; and Shawa Caves, a fossilized dune near spectacular chalk formations.
  • Diving, Great Barrier Reef, Australia. Explore some of the 2,800 coral reefs and swim with magnificent, otherworldly underwater creatures in this World Heritage Site. Wilson Island is an ideal base camp with its 1,500 fish species and loggerhead turtles. This isn’t just your ordinary trip to the aquarium; this “Blue Outback” adventure actually allows you to see endangered species and even help preserve them for your grandchildren.

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