Explore South America in a mobile hotel.

If you’re sociable, a natural explorer and fancy an off-the–tourist-track, South American tour with a difference, you might like to check out the Exploranter Overland Hotel (www.exploranter.com). Based in Sao Paulo, Brazil, the Exploranter is a hotel on wheels, a converted 25-ton truck fully equipped and complete with industrial kitchen, hot showers, 30 leather seats and 28 beds. You’ve heard of a mobile home? Well this is a mobile hotel, which goes with you when you move on to your next amazing destination.

It’s a well-planned operation. Nearby cooks are sometimes brought in to give guests a taste of the local cuisine and an awning extends out from the truck's side to provide some al fresco shade at lunchtime, reports Budget Travel. A trailer is towed behind the truck, which contains your luggage and sleeping quarters for up to 24 people.

The biggest advantage is being able to see Brazil's back country where traditional hotels are not available, and to follow natural rather than national borders, so you can visit both Chilean and Argentine Patagonia on the same trip. The tours last from three days to three months and include horseback riding, vineyard tours, bird watching, and rodeos.

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