Experience Paradise on your Crete Holiday

The largest and most famous of the Greek islands, Crete is a blend of picturesque landscapes, spectacular coastlines, and ancient villages rich in history. Visit the world-famous island of Santorini in the north of Crete, a tourist’s haven for its beautiful beaches, white churches, and numerous shops.

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Lie in the sun and get that dream tan at the Perissa and Perivolos beaches, two popular black sand beaches that stretch out prominently along the Cretan coast. Walk to Mesa Gonia and explore Panagia Episkopi church, famous for its marble sculptures and centuries-old wall paintings. For a round of shopping, head to Ypapantis street, and rummage through piles of jewellery to find out why it is also known as Crete's 'Gold Street'. You’ll find the latest fashion trends, designer shoes, clothes, and accessories in Fira shops.

Explore the Knossos Palace and look back at the Minoan civilisation. Discovered in 1878 by Minos Kalokairinos, this archaeological site was once the political centre of Minoan culture. It is believed to be the source of the legend of the Labyrinth, and today it’s a popular tourist attraction.

Not to be missed out on your holiday is Phaestos, the second most important Minoan city after Knossos and once a grand financial and administrative center. In the Archaeological Museum of Herakleion you will marvel at the famed Discus of Phaestos, believed to be one of the first attempts at printing.

Complete your Crete holiday with a night of traditional Greek dancing and sumptuous food. Visit the mountain village of Kato Karouzanos in Heraklion, and enjoy cultural dance presentations while enjoying stuffed tomatoes, meatballs, and mushroom dish matched with red and white wine.

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